Keith Morrison

"Thank you for your support and trust."

RETSD School Trustee

Ward 3 

RETSD Ward Three

Serving The Community

Keith has served the River East Transcona School Division (RETSD) for over three decades as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent.

United By A Common Goal

Keith believes that a strong public school system is the key foundation for insuring a strong future for our society.  Children are our future.


On election day, Wednesday October 24th, make your vote count.  Support "Experience for the Future".


Kim Milne - former Parent Council President

"Keith has a wide breadth of experience in the field of education.  His people-oriented approach to issues will be an asset at the Board table as future challenges are addressed on the Community's behalf."

Dennis Pottage - former RETSD Superintendent

"He demonstrates courage when required, patience when appropriate, and expertise in all areas of his work.  Keith running as Trustee is great news for the Division."

Sandra Chapko - division resident

"Keith is respectful, honest, trustworthy and accountable.  He is an individual of integrity.  Such attributes will serve the community well.  A dedicated professional who will provide a strong voice at the Board table.   "

Calvin Moore - Teacher

"Not only is he an experienced educator and former assistant superintendent in RETSD, he is also a person who will put the needs of students and members of the community first."

Message to Ward 3 Residents

Dear Ward 3 Residents,

I would be honoured to be your School Trustee and provide you with a strong, respectful and knowledgeable voice at the Board table.

I am confident I have the personal characteristics, professional qualifications and depth of experience that would be an asset to you and the school division as a whole.

The division is facing significant challenges. I am committed to working for you in addressing important issues while ensuring that quality and safe learning environments exist for our children within our schools. 

With your support and vote, we can make this happen.



Our Future Challenge


The River East Transcona School Division prides itself on providing students, parents and the community with innovative and cutting edge student programming and services.  It will continue to be a challenge for the division to  maintain such levels of excellence in the future.  Keith is committed to work hard to do just that.

Snapshot of your Candidate:

  • B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed
  • 36 ½ years of experience in the field of education 
  • former employee of RETSD:  teacher (18 years),  principal (12 years),  assistant superintendent (6 ½ years)
  • knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of the education system
  • passionate about public education
  • a team player
  • respectful, approachable, reliable, trustworthy, caring, accountable 
  • 58 year resident of RETSD 
  • family and community oriented
  • our children attended and now our grandchildren attend RETSD schools


Ever increasing education budgets and funding pressures can place a stress on the local tax payer. Keith is skilled in the area of budgeting and has the experience and insights required to find efficiencies within the budget process. He will ensure the community gets the best value for their tax dollar. 

Provincial Education System Reform

The Provincial government has made their intentions to reform and overhaul our public education system.  Specifics of the reform plan have not yet been shared.  It is critical that School Boards engage in meaningful dialogue with the Province so they can develop an accurate understanding of divisional characteristics, needs and values.  This will enhance the Province's ability to make informed and educated decisions as changes are made to our current system.  Keith has the experience, knowledge base and personal attributes to be an asset in the dialogue process.  His presence in the conversation would be important to the residents of the community.

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