The Lost Girls Spectrum Autism Research News

This online article describes how girls and women on the autism spectrum may have difficulty obtaining a diagnosis and supports. It includes information about several cases, and discusses how girls and women may face different challenges than males because of their gender. It also notes the shortage of supports for these challenges. Spectrum. 15/11/2018 · For women and girls living on the autism spectrum, diagnosis too often comes late, if at all. Though boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD -- the country's fastest-growing developmental disability -- are estimated to outnumber girls by 4-1, experts now say that may be because many females are overlooked, their symptoms dismissed or misread. 31/07/2017 · As new research—and vocal parents—expand how we think about autism in girls, doctors are creating new services to meet their needs, from amending diagnostic tools to new guidebooks that help navigate puberty and social relationships. With more understanding and attention, the lost girls on the autism spectrum will not be lost for long. 08/08/2017 · New research has uncovered a blind spot for women and girls on the spectrum, a gender bias that leaves them undiagnosed. A complex neurobiological condition, autism is a spectrum of characteristics that are different in every individual. Just been reading this really interesting research on girls on the spectrum. It's called The Lost Girls and it's from the Spectrum News. Some really good observations in it.

16/10/2013 · To check if there are many more girls with autism than we think, May says a new Pozible crowdfunding campaign called "Autism Lost Girls" will be launched soon through Deakin University, Geelong, where she is now based. "If we raise enough money through the community, we will look for mothers and fathers who might have undiagnosed autism," she says. Autism spectrum disorder, without cognitive impairment, was considered to be quite rare in girls and women, even more rare than severe autism in their sex. 5 But in recent years, researchers have been wondering if females with autism, especially those without intellectual disability, are hiding in plain sight, more likely to be overlooked than males because of different symptoms or coping. She loved hugs and was a very physically affectionate child. How could she be on the spectrum? I started doing research on girls with autism and quickly became stunned and frustrated. There was hardly any scholarly research on girls on the spectrum. The rate of diagnosis in boys is 4.5 times higher than the rate of diagnosis of girls.

‘ASD [autism spectrum disorder] research was primarily based on male subjects and was not only considered rare up until the 1990s, but also considered a male-only condition,’ she told newsGP. ‘We now know this is incorrect and autism and autistic traits are common, and always have been. Research and new publication updates The articles in the updates are sourced from the NAS's online catalogue, a free to access database of published material on all aspects of autism. It contains a list of over 24,000 publications related to autism including research articles, books, leaflets, videos and.

18/02/2019 · "Girls and Autism by Carpenter, Happé and Egerton brings together an important blend of personal and family experiences and the current research evidence. The focus of this book is specifically on girls and women on the autism spectrum, an area that has up to now been neglected, due to the attention on boys and men.

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